When you have a pet a solid floor is something that is worth considering, but, they aren't always comfortable. But is there such a think as a pet friendly area rug?

The rugs I've seen online that are described as pet friendly require that pet stains be cleaned up quickly.

The trouble is, we (you and I) are not always home and so it may be hours before we detect an accident and address it.

What then?

And what does it mean for a rug to be water resistant - would a urine stain not penetrate at all, or would it just penetrate more slowly?

How do you find rugs that can hold up to that kind of treatment?

Look for rugs listed as indoor/outdoor and that are machine washable. A darker colored rug will help avoid noticeable stains.

Of course, the longer urine sits the more likely a stain or permanent odor will set in. So if you can't get to it for a few hours you run the risk of it being stained. But a machine washable rug is good because if you can just throw it in the washer, it will likely get any smells out, and spot treating before washing can help with stains. As far as cleaning on them, the fibers in the material are just less absorbent so they repel liquids more easily and/or they dry out much more quickly than a normal rug, so it will eventually absorb.

As for carpets and cleaning, I had a guy come to professionally clean my carpets and he recommended for any organic mess on a carpet, to clean it up with water as best you can, blot it dry, then spray a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, you can use baking soda if there is still an odor.

You'd be surprised how well that works. I have sworn off using anything resembling soap on my carpets since I learned this because soap tends to never get completely picked up and ultimately just tracks more dirt to the area.

You clean like normal with a towel and Resolve and dab at it until you get everything up.