Susan Garrett's crate games really are amazing. We have friends that take theirs to a puppy kindergarten teacher who has a whole class devoted to them and they have been so beneficial and fun.

  1. Some crate game ideas
  2. Crate train during the day as well.
  3. Feed the dog in the crate.
  4. Drop special treats in the crate while the dog is watching, and eventually transition to 'surprise' treats in the crate.
  5. During the day, do short bursts of crate time. Reward for two paws in the crate, four paws, door closed for three seconds, etc. You get the drill.

I found with my pup that crate training at all hours helped best.

I closed to the door so he was stuck in the room with me. Then I put treats and toy in there and let him take naps in there with the door open. Then as he was asleep I would close the door on him so when he woke up he would be used to having the door closed. I would then only let him out once he stopped whining. Then at night I would put the kennel back in my room.

We still had to deal with some whining but it stopped much faster

I noticed after about a month when I'd go sit on my bed and he'd eventually go and lay in his kennel. After he'd lay down I'd close the gate after a few minutes, slowly increasing the time. Eventually I would let him have free roam of the bedroom at night and now he's allowed to go between a few rooms at night, not that you have to choose to not crate at night.