I've humanized my Roomba to the point that I put googly eyes on it and gave it a name. If there was a robot equivalent of the ASPCA I would totally report you.

Yet, I always thought it was kinda funny when I put him roomba on the black rug in my foyer. He keeps backing away trying to get off it. I never really appreciated it was because of the cliff sensors, and that he's actually deathly afraid of it. I guess I feel sorta bad now.

I guess another workaround would be to sprinkle glitter all over your dark rug. That way you don't compromise its ability to detect stairs or cliffs. That way you can still put your roomba on top of a stool and watch and laugh as it tries to find a way off it.

Since I get asked this fairly frequently Roombas are very light weight vacuums that are best for smaller areas and in places where you don't have lots of debris or knick knacks to deal with, think, child or pet toys or the corresponding debris that both tend to introduce. Roombas require a little TLC.

ideally you need to clean them (empty the dust bin, clean the brush and beater, wipe off fine dust) after every use so they aren't truly fire and forget.

About every year I need to break mine down completely in order to clean debris and cat hair out of various gears and interior corners where it will eventually clog and prevent the device from functioning.

We all worry about the well being of robots. At least our roomba

I was kind of annoyed when I was told I needed to pay for a new cleaning head. I think I got a small discount on it, but it works so much better. I hardly ever get the "clean roomba's brushes" error any more.

By the way, if you haven't seen them yet you should check out the new upgrades that are available for those of us who have old Roombas.

The new "Enhanced" cleaning head and "AeroVac" bin are quite nice. I just got both of them for mine since the cleaning head was wearing out anyway, and the new one and AeroVac are nice improvements.

Quieter, easier to clean, and apparently picks up more dust.

I dunno how it'd work on thick carpet. I have just a thin kinda area rug and it works surprisingly well on it after disabling the cliff sensors. I linked to a pretty thorough review in another comment, I'm pretty sure it's pretty good on carpets, but I'm not sure because that wasn't something I was taking into consideration when I first read it.

No matter what you'll have to manually vacuum a little at least once a month. It won't get into corners fully.

And another funny thing that kinda hurts how well it performs is that there is a rear exhaust, and I watched it push bundles of cat hair away from the exhaust, like tumbleweeds, into an area where it had just cleaned.

I have the Roomba clean that room each morning and walking into a pristine, super clean room just makes the work day start better.

It's perfect for something like that but if you find yourself having to do a clean up before running the Roomba every time you may as well just vacuum a standup vacuum has much better suction anyway.